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[dark thoughts]

27 October
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well im 18 years young.
i've got 4 tattoos, and 12 peircings.
i've been a vegetarian ever sense i was in the 7th grade
the person i plan on marrying, is incarcerated
i looooove thee females
i smoke weed, trip on shrooms, trip on acid, im kinda stuck back in the 60's and 70's
im a pretty chill girl
im musically gifted, i play the flute and pic, i can sing, lol and believe it or not, i can rap pretty impressivly!
i've struggled alot while i was younger, i still do.
nothing has ever just been given to me, i've worked hard to get where im at.
i really dont have much of a family.
im pro ana/mia, i hope i can find some good support here!
im just me.
Amanda Marie Funk. =]
wanna know more, dont be affraid to ask!